The art of making premium cough drops

Making premium cough drops is an art. Get the details right and the cough drop will be a pleasure to eat. And a flavour to savour. Cough drops have zero tolerance. One mistake in the production process and it will stick to the wrapper.  Another mistake and the aromas will be lost. Our cough drop confectioners are initiated in the secrets of their craft and know the importance of taking the utmost care in every step.

The quality of the ingredients is key, primarily the quality of the fruit juices and herbs. A cough drop confectioner has the nose of a perfumer and can smell the minutest differences and the finest nuances.  Only the best quality ingredients make it into the pot.

Admittedly we do have a fair sized pot. We produce enough cough drops and throat lozenges every two years to go round the equator if laid out end to end.