Your success is our mission

Well-known companies in the pharmaceutical sector and food industry have appreciated our high standards of quality, reliability and discretion for decades. Whether pharmaceuticals, medicinal products, food or dietary supplements – we have the expertise to cater for every requirement and to satisfy any product request.

From recipe development right through to packaging, it is our aim to impress by meeting every individual specification and delivering premium quality.

Our company has GMP and IFS "higher level" certification, reflecting the fact that we use high-quality natural ingredients to make our products. Moreover, every production step is subject to rigorous quality control.
This has been written into the foundation of our family enterprise for 120 years.

Your success is our mission

Dr. C. SOLDAN contract manufacturing
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We are currently one of the few confectioners in Germany which is GMP-certified and also has a licence to manufacture pharmaceuticals under the German law on drugs (AMG).
We will make products to order for you, adding a wide and diverse range of active ingredients to your specifications, whether to boiled sweets, gum arabic products or products set in moulds.

We have decades of experience and the know-how to come up with solutions to all problems – and not to shy away from complex development and transfer projects, including jobs stipulating specific packaging, such as pouches, blister packs, tins, bars or folding boxes.

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