Natural ingredients

People all over the world love and savour our wide variety of delicious, mouth-watering drops which have been made by our family enterprise for 120 years in the south German city of Nuremberg.

No doubt - and not least - this is because we only use natural ingredients, fruit juices, essential oils and extracts of the very highest quality.

Do you want to know more about our natural ingredients? Click on each ingredient for detailed information:


Eucalyptus globulus - a tree which grows some 25 to 35 metres tall and is found in the Mediterranean and in Australia / Tasmania. Its bark is filled with gum resin and its whitish flowers have a circular calyx and a strong aromatic smell. Eucalyptus has the soothing action of an astringent (anti-inflammatory) and an antiseptic.


Mel - the product of the honeybees which is of such value to us is produced for their own food supply. It is obtained from the nectar of flowers or from the sugar-rich excreta of various insects. The bees then use their stomachs to ingest and regurgitate the nectar and then the concentrated product is stored and ripened in honeycombs. Honey contains around 200 substances. The substances are very different depending on the sort and range from fructose, glucose and other types of sugar, for example, to pollen, minerals, proteins, enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, natural colourings and flavourings. Honey has an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect (= antibacterial).


Rhizoma zingiberis - the perennial plant is between half a metre and one meter tall. It looks similar to reeds with its thick stem and long leaves. A ramified, bulbous rhizome (Greek for root) grows under the earth and serves as a food storage organ. The inside is a yellowish colour and very aromatic. Ginger is found in faraway countries like Nigeria, India and China. The ginger root contains valuable substances, such as essential oil, vitamin C, magnesium, iron, calcium and potassium. Ginger has antibacterial properties, improves blood circulation, prevents vomiting, increases bile production - and is a helpful remedy for coughs.


Prunus avium - the wild cherry grows here in Europe. Its plump, round fruit is green at first and red when ripe. It has a diameter of approximately 2 cm. The flesh inside ranges from green to yellow in colour. The cherry tree has a wide-spreading shallow root system. It bursts into life in the spring with its white to pale pink blossom resembling roses. Cherries are rich in vitamin C and they are known to reduce uric acid levels and to prevent gout. They are used as a natural remedy to treat periodontitis and arthritis.


Glycyrrhiza glabra - this perennial herbaceous plant grows up to one metre tall and bears short spikes of attractive purple and white pea-like flowers. It is native to the Mediterranean region and Western Asia. It is enjoyed all over the world, although, as far as Germany is concerned, far more liquorice products are consumed in the north than in the south. Quite apart from its characteristic flavour, its primary boast is its healing power. Liquorice has expectorant and anti-inflammatory properties and boosts the immune system.


Salvia officinalis - the Latin name for sage. The Mediterranean region is its home. Sage has very dense leaf growth, and the leaves have fine cobweb-like hairs and a very aromatic fragrance. Attached by stems, the leaves have a slight notching at the edge and are finely wrinkled on the underside. The plant grows up to 70 cm tall. It sends up between four and eight flowering spikes. It is a source of essential oil, tannins and flavonoids. Sage is popularly used as an antiperspirant and as a natural balm for sore throats.


Citrus limon - lemons need a consistently damp and warm climate, as found in places like Mexico, India, Italy, Turkey or Greece. The evergreen tree is not especially tall and has long, oval, pointed leaves. It remains in flower and bears fruit all year round. The flowers are white on the top and a pinky-purple colour underneath. The lemon contains citric acid, lots of vitamin C, essential oils and pectin - and helps to strengthen the immune system.