Carl August Otto Soldan is born in Munich in Bavaria.


24-year-old Carl Soldan qualifies as a pharmacist at the university of Erlangen in Germany.


Dr Carl Soldan settles in the southern German city of Nuremberg where he sets up in business as a dispensing chemist also selling perfumes and toiletries. He also starts our family enterprise Dr. C. SOLDAN® GmbH. The chemists work in the front building while the first batch of quality cough drops rolls off the production line in the building at the back.


The year Em-eukal® is born - with its distinctive birthmark from the moment of its creation: the flag. Em-eukal® is sold in pharmacies and the specialist drugstores typical of the era.


Em-eukal® is registered as a trademark.


The work of the visionary entrepreneur is unbroken. He acquires a gingerbread and candy confectionery in Nuremberg. After making structural alterations, he moves the Em-eukal cough drop production line into the building and adds other specialities to the company's range, such as Easter eggs which are supplied in sweet jars.


Dr Carl Soldan's son Hermann takes over at the age of 28 after the death of his father. He applies himself immediately to expanding the confectionery production where his father left off. All Em-eukal® paper bags are printed in the company's own print shop from now on. Printing the names of the stockists on the products as well is an innovative move.


We make our original cult product for the first time: "aecht Bayrischer Blockmalz" - genuine Bavarian malt sugar cough drops boiled over an open fire and broken into chunks.


Production of Em-eukal® cough drops is resumed after the turmoil of war, and business is expanded with zeal and determination.


"Nur echt mit der Fahne®" runs the strapline indicating that only the original Em-eukal® products come with the flag. Our premium products make history as doctors prescribe Em-eukal® cough drops to German miners in the 1950s to help with bronchial complaints. The cough drop wrapper comes with a white and red flag. The ends of the flag stick out to preserve hygiene during unwrapping.


The Nuremberg site no longer offers sufficient production capacity for the Em-eukal® cough drops. Hermann Soldan buys a plot of land in nearby Adelsdorf with its own water source.
A new low-rise production building is constructed and fitted with state-of-the-art equipment. Production is relocated.


We are issued with the licence to manufacture pharmaceuticals under the German law on drugs (AMG).


Dr. C. SOLDAN® launches the "Kinder Em-eukal®" vitamin-enriched cough drop for children. Still today - 40 years later - five carefully selected vitamins and prime natural ingredients are delivering the quality trusted by parents with absolute confidence according to their feedback.


Felix Soldan takes over the family business after the death of his father Hermann to head up the third generation of management.


Dr. C. SOLDAN® adds the "sugar-free" version to the Em-eukal® range, making it the first company to supply drops with the sugar substitute isomalt. We have since specialised in making sugar-free drops which cater for the contemporary market and contain valuable vitamins and minerals as well as being a pleasure to eat.


Dr. C. SOLDAN® GmbH is joined by our other limited liability start-up SOLDAN® Holding + Bonbonspezialitäten GmbH.


We are successful in gaining "Bio" organic certification.
We are the first confectioner to make products with the sweetener sucralose.


Perry Soldan takes charge of the company at the age of 37 after the death of his father Felix Soldan.


"Kinder Em-eukal®" celebrates its 40th anniversary.


It is time to welcome a new member to our brand family by the name of Rheila® - the original since 1924. The liquorice brand has emerged from its makeover with a new modern look, promising genuine pleasure for those with an acquired taste.


Em-eukal® - Nur echt mit der Fahne®" - only the original and genuine product comes with the flag: the most famous invention of our founder Dr Carl Soldan is celebrating its 90th anniversary! The flag is the trademark of the drops and has been a seal of authenticity since 1923, protecting them from copycat products. And to this day the Em-eukal® Classic is made according to the original recipe.



The administration and production arms of the company are now back together at one and the same site in Adelsdorf after 54 years.

We are growing. Together!